The Tower

We see a tower.
A silhouette just beyond the trees.
Just out of reach.
Just like truth.
Always out of reach.
So we turn instead to our ideals.

And when we do, we find a path that leads directly to to the towers first steps.
We have reached the truth.

Inside the tower is a spiral.
A spiral of stairs you have no control over, it just progresses.
Truth now weaves with ideals until it reaches the breaking point – the top.

We realize that the line between truth and ideals is so blurred, that it is a division that no one can perceive.
And when we realize that, our anger bursts out like a raging dragon.
Uncontrolled, it no longer matters whether or not what you you believe is right, because it’s all the same thing in the end.
In fact, it was ALWAYS the same.

Truth and ideals are forces that deserve reckoning, for they are not to be dealt with with ease.
Because the truth is, it and ideals make up who we are – a whole, no matter how split we may be.

image from realist-n of devianart


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