Meltzer Excerpt

Here is an interesting excerpt from Brad Meltzer’s book, The Millionaires. No spoilers (I think), but the protagonists are in the basement Disney World right now, for some context.

“It may be the headquarters for all Magic Kingdom employees, but like the cheap industrial carpet we use in the nonclient areas of the bank, Disney keeps its money onstage. Still, the nuts and bolts of the park are clearly down here: exposed air-conditioning ducts overhead, random piping along the walls, and metal door after metal door marked with signs like ‘Maintenance,’ ‘AVAC/Trash control,’ and ‘Danger: High Voltage.’ Straight above us, kids hug Pooh, and parents marvel at the cleanliness of paradise. Down here, Pinocchio’s a girl, and the trash chute rumbles so loud, you can feel it in the back of your teeth. That’s what magic’s made of.”


Feel free to offer critique or encouragement.

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