You see that wall of ivy?
I want to be behind that wall of ivy
I want to be shrouded under its presence
It looks so warm under the shadows of leaves
I feel that if I step into them, I could sleep forever
But when I touch them, to look behind them, all I see is a cold, white wall
I was deceived by the ivy
I thought that it could keep me loved
But when I went inside
All I could see
Was reality

But if I really want to
I can change that wall
I can paint it what I want
I don’t have to keep it blank
I can color my reality with my ivy
I will paint my ideals across the wall
Scrawling my messages I want others to see
The vines I will use to stretch my words out to all
I will scale the wall, conquer reality
I have nothing to fear, because I have my ivy
My ideals
My dreams


Feel free to offer critique or encouragement.

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