When we read some words


We have an image in our minds


We make images in our minds


I like to think about how many images I’ve made in my mind

How many of them are real places

How many of them I’ve completely made up

What story they are associated with

The storytellers


Sometimes I remember the image

But not the story

Just the memory


This all comes to us when we read words

Time for a list of things that give us images:


short stories





some hit us

without images

especially quotes

most of them

are useless

and meaningless


But most give us images


Even real life places give us images


I remember a hotel room from years ago

and I make it the setting of the short story I’m reading

I do that

a lot


Do you do that?


a lot?


2 thoughts on “Images

  1. Sometimes I wish I could paint, for the images in my head are so wonderful! But then I realise those images are actually coming from what I see around me! Life… life is rich.. we need to celebrate it in whatever form we can!


    1. I completely agree. This is the reason I write poems. As soon as I have an idea, wherever I am, I grab a blank sheet of paper, open a new document, whatever it is, and just write all of my ideas out on paper.


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