When I was little I craved to learn
It was hopeful for me
I didn’t have to care about things
I just absorbed and attracted all the things I didn’t know
“You’ll learn more at school” they said
“You’re a good kid” they said
But I didn’t learn more
I wasn’t a good kid
I learned of grades
And I learned of lying

I now understand
That you can’t put a letter on learning
And say you’re getting better
You can’t put expectations on learning
And say it’s to help you

Learning should be free
It shouldn’t be forced through hardships
Only to be said you didn’t do good enough in the end
Education should be nurtured through helping
Not by piling insurmountable work onto a person who has barely even lived yet
A price should not be put on education
And expect people to not turn away

Learning is good
School should be good
It’s not now
But I hope it will be


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