It Almost Seems

The view from above the hilltop was gorgeous. Rolling hills dotted with fields, farmland, and forests spread out for miles, touching the base of a mountain range far, far, away. A light breeze lifted the smell of nature around the surrounding countryside. The vivid blue sky was completely empty of clouds.

It almost seemed as if this valley had hadn’t been touched by the hand of man yet. Although how could a place of such beauty be left untampered?

“It looks so peaceful here.” She said. “It’s almost as if this place is able to hide away from all the chaos.”

“No place can do that.” He said, taking a glance behind him. “This place just gives us the allusion that it’ll all be alright.”

“I think it will be.” She said. “Maybe not in our lifetime, but it will be.”

“I’d like to think that too.” He said. “I really do.”


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