Tips For Poems

Something I’ve noticed when going through the poetry and poem tags on WordPress is that the first few lines of poems are generally unintriguing and I tend to skip over most of them. I admit I have written some bad openers, but I feel that when I read a few lines of some these poems I lose interest or feel it’s too cliche. So I’d like to share a few tips on how to open up a poem that I have learned from my own experience.

1. Don’t use repetition.
I see people repeating a line to try to sound poetic or trying to make their poem flow, and while repetition when used correctly could turn out great, it is hard to use. Opening a poem with two lines of a repeating word make me as a reader feel like the rest of the poem will most likely be dragged on and not keep my attention up.

2. Don’t open with a question.
Using a question should be done later in the poem, as it is showing that the reader already knows about the subject of the poem, and the poet is asking the reader to dig deeper. When you use it at the beginning, it catches the reader off guard as you haven’t introduced to reader at all to your subject.

3. Build up.
Don’t start off with a full sentence unless necessary. Build up to a climax as you would in a story. It keeps the reader satisfied by giving more and more as you go on. It eases them into the poem, making them more familiar to it.

I hope these tips help with anyone’s writing! As these are many types of poetry, some times these tips won’t work, and you’re welcome to prove me wrong on any of these, as they are from my own experience.


Feel free to offer critique or encouragement.

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