Untitled (This Isn’t)

It’s the very beginning
I don’t know what I’m feeling
Could this be true love?

I saw you
I saw you when I was lonely
I talked to you
A little bit
Your face was brilliant
And I fell in what I thought was love
But I didn’t know if it was

I began to think of you more
And more
I formed an image of you in my mind
Of what we could be like
If we were together
My mind became infatuated with you
I was foolish enough to think this would stay love

I began to make a world in my head
Of things I thought we could do
Even though I barely knew you
We had had hardly talked since we first met
But yet my mind
Made more images of you
Images that were not true

It became a constant toll
That I could never be with you
The real you
And that my mind took what was my love for you
And made it into something it wanted
Something unnatural
Something that wasn’t you

Something that wasn’t love


Feel free to offer critique or encouragement.

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