Stay grey with me
Just remember what happened
When you’ve found your one
Sit tight and watch the stars
And I’ll be watching too
After all this is done
And I’ve found my one
Stay in the grey
And don’t ever leave it

We don’t remember how we met
We just remember that we were
Never a touch happened on these big mouths of ours
Because we never needed to
We only need the help we could give

You were there for me
Because when it was time to grow up
I went first
I felt it first
To make sure it was ok for you to come
And when I failed you understood
You help was all I needed
Never your touch
Never your gaze

But it got you second
And the most important thing
Was that I could help you
Not in return
But because I saw someone in need
Who I knew could do good already
I saw what they could return
And I helped you because I knew you could help others

When I’ve found my own way
I’ll know it wasn’t used on you
Just remember where it started
Sit tight and watch all the stars you can help
And I’ll help them too
We never needed love
Because we had something stronger
And even when I wont see you anymore
I’ll stay grey for the better


Feel free to offer critique or encouragement.

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