From What I’ve Gathered

Recently I’ve gone back over my old poems, looking through them and picking out ones I thought were still good and cringing at the particularly horrible ones.
So without further ado, from the earliest poems forward, here are what I deem to be my better poetry.
Ones I have bolded are ones I look back on and feel proud for writing them.

Shadow Puppet
Is It Worth It?
Alone With One
Rest Without The Bed
I Stepped Outside
The Poet And The Admirer
In The Silent Moment
Vain Worth
Sky Lights
Night Timed Rambles

Looking through my archives I don’t even remember writing some of these, and I look at how bad they are think, “shit, should I delete this?” But I’ll just leave them there as a reminder of my progress. I should also try to do more imagery poetry, as I haven’t really touched on this genre in the past.


Feel free to offer critique or encouragement.

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