I’ve been walking in the dark

Tracing footsteps for miles backward

If this isn’t crazy tell me what is

I’d gladly do it just to make a point

Because if you don’t believe me now I don’t know if you ever will

Soon you’ll remember what I was was

And wonder why I ever stopped

But by then you’ll only miss me

And never try to get me back

Because what I was isn’t worth the effort

So if you join the pity party remember to bring some food

Because others are gonna be there too

But when you’re drunk and leave the house

I’ll be sober and playing cat and mouse

Running after people who I thought would help me

Turns out it was just time and place

And what we made was only temporary

But how was I supposed to know that?

And I was left alone

To clean the banners

Scrub the stains

And clear the counter

I wonder when the next party will be

Who will come and who will leave?


Feel free to offer critique or encouragement.

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