You’re Doing It Wrong

John was a sick boy. So of course, as John was a sick boy, he stayed in his bed. Now he wasn’t always sick, he used to be a happy little boy, always playing with the other happy little children. But there was one thing John always wanted to do besides live a joyful, carefree life. He wanted to draw.

And now, as he had fallen ill, he could no longer run around with the other children. He was stuck in his bed, wondering what he could do, when he remembered his wish. It’s perfect! He can practice drawing while he is sick! He was able to make use of his time, instead of wasting it away lying around and doing nothing.

Every day John drew the scene he sees from his bed. His window directly in front of him, the dresser on the left wall, and the door on the right wall.

As he began his mission, John’s artistic skill weren’t the best, to say the least. But he slowly got more detailed as time goes on, even drawing the area outside his window. He became so good at drawing the scene, he hardly needed to look up to make a detailed replica of his room.

But as with most illnesses, John’s didn’t last forever. He became better and was able to get out of bed and play with the other boys and girls. But first, he needed to test out his new skill. He went to the front of his house, and started to draw to what he saw. But he couldn’t. No matter what he tried, his drawings of his house always looked just as bad as his first artistic attempts.

Dejected, John left his dream behind, feeling sad about all the time he wasted in bed, and went to play with the other children.


Feel free to offer critique or encouragement.

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