Curiosity Wasn’t Framed

One fine morning, a man wakes up in his home to start the day. He walks outside, dressed in his night gown and slippers, ready to pick up his newspaper.

But, low and behold, he finds not a rolled up piece of paper, but a ripped up piece of his cat.
Suddenly, his morning isn’t so fine. He continues to find bits of cat-bone and bits of cat-flesh all over his freshly trimmed yard. Horrified at his discovery, he goes back inside his house to start his hunt to find out just who did this terrible thing.

He asks his newly-awoken son who he thinks did this to their cat.

“Curiosity killed the cat!” his son proclaims. The man, slightly off put by his son’s answer, tells him that’s just an expression. Even more puzzled by his cat’s death, he goes off to ask his next-door neighbor.

Walking up the steps of the home, the man knocks on his neighbor’s door. His neighbor opens it, revealing himself to still be in his grey and plaid pajamas. The man asks if he knows anything about his cat’s carnage. Disgusted, the neighbor says no.

Right as the man is about to leave, a dog comes running up to the door from the inside of the house.

“Oh!” he exclaims, “I didn’t know you had a dog, what’s his name?”

“Curiosity,” the neighbor replies.


Feel free to offer critique or encouragement.

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