We often speak about
the things that matter
most to us,
our happiness of the moment
or our adventures of normal lives.

We speak
about these things that matter
because the feeling elates us.
To hold it means
that we would only inflate more
and then, of course,
we’d have to pop.

But now, what if
the thing that elates you
is just the simple joy of being
present on such a favorable
day as the day of today.

How can you tell someone
that what makes you happy
is what they can also feel,
and for some reason
they are not already happy about it.

It’s like telling someone:
Enjoy being alive!
An impossible phrase,
because its meaning
has already been wrung out.
We are so used to being alive
that it has lost all meaning with us.

So when you meet
the conundrum of enjoying
the mundane,
and must share with others
the feeling you own,
remember to ignite
that emotion within them.

Just as the long dormant
fireplace yearns to feel
the wooden heat again, it can
not light itself, and one must
do it for them.

Because feeling the heat of
life once again
is a gift that can only be bestowed
by another.


Feel free to offer critique or encouragement.

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