“There’s a million things I haven’t done,
just you wait,
just you wait…”

Swan songs are always played for the things left undone.
But what if there was the one time
where the sun had set,
but there was enough time in the day?
Enough time to give up, of course,
but also enough time to figure out
that the default – persevering – is worth it.
Enough time to get that persevering done
and feel satisfied with it,
instead of waiting for the next day.
That would be a good day, wouldn’t it?
Because then you wouldn’t need to make a swan song at the end,
as all would be finished.

Oh, but the light isn’t going to last,
one day the sky will be emptied of what made it full
and on that day you must decide
whether to sing, or close your eyes to sleep.
And remember, singing is yet another thing you have to do.


Feel free to offer critique or encouragement.

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