Within my daily doings,
between occasion and event,
I always feel a tugging,
a sensation I can not comprehend.
This strange persuasion draws me,
to leave just for a moment,
and enter into a lively daydream,
one of quiet enjoyment.

A stream runs through this vision of mine –
perhaps flowing with thought –
and shows to me images
of things that I do want.

Fantasies of far off lovers,
of wealth beyond compare.
Fabrications of reality
in which I live quite fair.

But yet I know this daydream
is exactly that,
and it is lost within a second,
when Earth calls me back.
The river runs dry,
and I must say goodbye
to my mind’s sacred tranquility.
And again and again
I hope to find
the water’s gleaming and shimmering.


Feel free to offer critique or encouragement.

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