All’s Divine?

All’s divine in devotion,
but from devotee to devoter,
there is a disconnection in between.

It seems to me that in between – from devotee to devoter –
there is a sort of faithful glee.
Some would say would blind thee,
that is to say prohibit thee,
from looking any other way
than that of the the way of an obedient devotee.

So when the devoter slips up
and fails society’s morality,
the devotee does not look the other way, as they say.
No, indeed, they look straight away,
straight away toward their sun, their gleaming ray,
their smiling devoter.

The disconnection in question
is one of over looking misdirections.
However that is not to say that all may not be forgiven,
just that you the recognize error of the ways,
I just hoped that had always been a given.


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