Berners-Lee’s Homestay

How can one do so,
in this day and age,
stay away from the internet,
the web as they say?
So many, so many,
such interesting characters at play!
They roam around the house,
Tim Berners-Lee’s homestay.

Reddit is in the kitchen,
pressing Buttons on the oven,
getting its dick stuck up high,
in the ceiling fan no less,
while imgur stands idly by.

Facebook sits tall,
in the dinning room hall.
Voicing angry opinions,
while getting no where at all.

Twitter does the same,
but does it standing away,
“No sir, I’m not like that.
FB really should be ashamed.”

Instagram wanders,
roaming the estate,
taking pictures of meals,
trying to keep Snapchat at bay.
They compete for the most photos,
the users, the views,
but no one can keep up
with the loops Vines use.

tumblr roams the house,
barking out its orders,
while screaming at neighbors:
and running away when it finds 4chan
in a corner.

And while there are many more
roaming the mansion
and while every single one
has its quirks and its passions,
the internet is not something
that will not go out of fashion.
So when you are waiting
for the next twitter beef to happen
or typing “damn it vargas”
as your comment reaction,
just remember
you’re here forever.


Feel free to offer critique or encouragement.

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