What did I do?
Oh, what did I do?
Before I found my latest obsession
that turned out to be you.
Probably some other crazy thing to pass the time,
or maybe another lover who really did mind
my doing all the things I do
to show you that you’re mine.

But now that I’ve got you in my sights
I will do everything I can
to make you feel perfect,
to show what I am.
Just let me do the things I do
and then we’ll settle down and plan!
But for now let me run through
the day I have ahead:

I followed you around the town
even when you said to stop.
I collected all your favorite things
and put them in a box.
Gave them for your birthday
but you asked me how I picked your lock.
I wash your dirty clothes
when you’re off away at work.
You come home when they’re drying
but instead call the cops.
I fix all your broken chairs –
your cabinets, your sofa seams.
If only you’d let me fix your little heart.
I know we’ed be together if you didn’t run away.
So please baby, please,
can you make this psychopath’s day?


Feel free to offer critique or encouragement.

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