When I was in my more vulnerable years
a domineering giant said to me
“What do people do when you let them speak?
They scream.
Don’t let them scream.”

The giant being the man to give my life a start,
I took those words to heart,
those words he really seemed to mean
since he never let me speak my mind
and never really let me be defined.

I later learned this parenting was to digress,
leading the child to grow grotesque.
And so to I – already deprecated
from the words of my harsh father –
began to think of myself as someone who could go no farther –
farther than I already had,
farther than I somehow already got.

Alas, I tell you, do not – do not think the way I have.
As I have learned through no easy path
that self-worth is dependent upon what you pave
and not what others have seen you do.

Do as I say, don’t do as I do.
and perhaps,
there is hope for you.


Feel free to offer critique or encouragement.

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