adhd 3

I’ve never written about my mental disability before.
I’ve never thought about it before
because I’ve hidden it from myself for so long.
I’ve never thought of myself as having a disability before.
But now its becoming apparent
more than ever
that I can’t do what others do.
I want to do what others do.
But I can’t.
So I guess that’s why I have one.
I want to be able to push it aside like I used to.
I used to have the control to suppress anything and everything.
I used to make myself forget.
But I’ve been broken so broken.
By ones I loved but never loved me back.
By the world that I had set my sights on ripped away from me.
I stopped caring about the ones I loved and the passions that drove me.
I stopped caring to control.
And so I have none left.
And now it’s back, it’s all back.


Feel free to offer critique or encouragement.

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