This Is What It Felt Like

This is what it felt like
when I waited
on the other side.
What I waited for
I knew I’d know
if it’d only show.
I saw the world
the way it always was.
What it was was only what I knew,
and nothing new had ever come.

The Garden

I sat on the bench
and looked at the woman across the fountain.
She looked like she was tired,
scrolling on her phone.
I turned towards the exotic plant next to me.
I’ve never seen it before,
but after all,
I’ve never even seen this place before.
I wondered who the people were
that the fountain was made out of.
I wondered if any one wondered.

Seldom Are We Happy

Black and white conversations
Lose the truth folded within
But this black and white world
Can’t hold on to the truth anymore
It was lost when we lost our innocence

These black and white stars
Used to shine bright and golden
But now these black and white stars
Are just attracting mars

Seldom are we happy
Feeding on the things we need
Our black and white hearts
Died a long time ago
When we lost our innocence