Happy National Poetry Day!


Could Have Done

In the silent Spring the only thing chirping
are metal machines, clanking and churning.

In the sun-dried Summer the only man walking
is the one without a car, the ac pumping.

In the forgotten Fall no one feels
the crunch of leaves beneath their feet.

In the weary Winter our minds wander
towards what we could have done
when we saw this yonder.

Begin The Autumn

The beginning of Autumn
Is welcomed by all
Who are tired of Summer
And ready for Fall

They are ready for the color
Just before the white
They are ready for the splendor
Just before the night

The pumpkins are lit
The leaves are falling
People are sipping
The Pumpkin Spice Latte

So gather around
The newly lit fire
And feel the heat
Of the friends sitting by you

Right After A Rain

Right after a rain
The essence of the world feels so light
So wet
So right

It’s just before the Fall in that mix of green and orange
The sky is still clouded
From Mother Earth’s homage

The wind flies in your face
For a second or three
The pavement is moist
From the water’s late glee

Your back against the wall
That has stood there for ages
Will soon come down
From time’s new stages

Enjoy the moment’s peace
As it slowly moves away
From you fleeting body
That will soon be lead astray