I can not help but keep colors on my mind.
So I decided to take a step back in time.
And all I saw were hues that I had lost –
ones I tried to keep at any cost:

Her black hair waving
against a purple sunset
that she had been seeing, coming
for a little while yet.

His honeyed eyes –
when they shut for the last time
I couldn’t see how he could be so wise
that he knew he was near the end of his climb.

But when I turned my eyes back to the present
all I could see was my daughter’s ascent:
Her hair like sprouting soil.
Her eyes like a sky’s morning arrow.



I had met someone long ago
who now has little presence in my life.
But, it is safe to say
that I still remember them every day.
I think I had been with them
where I am sitting now:
Against this bark…
In this light…
No, I didn’t love them.
Yes, I do thank them.
Every day I thank them.
Maybe perhaps it was not what they told me
that had affected me
But rather who they were
that had affected me.
I didn’t see myself in them.
I only saw that I could be like them.
Assured, is what I wanted to be.
Assured, is what I wanted to look like.
Assured, is what I wanted to feel like.
I think I know why I still come back
to sit in that grass.
Against the bark.
In the light.
Perhaps the context
of the wet plants
and wistful air
could help me remember them a little more.
I think I still need them a little more.
I need to be assured a little more.

Untitled (Traveling On A Road)

Although they had been there since before memory,
the discarded products of human invention
and ingenuity
still stood out against the golden backdrop
of the eternally sprawling fields.

To the flora and fauna, however,
they had become seamless with nature
and now occupied a role all their own within the habitat –
if you could even call the endless landscape
that I have been traveling through
a habitat.

The colorless mountains always stood at a distance,
like the elusive end of a hallway
in a mirror maze.
Those had always been my destination,
but with every waking second of travel
it seemed that my final steps
would be beside a disfigured wheel
or grotesque hull of a vehicle.


I lust for my contentness though not the
vain man’s kind. Oh, how I wish, I search, for all
the perfect words! I will encompass all
the past and all the future! No, alas
the human teachers taught wrong. Nature’s vast
greatness can not be conquered. And thusly,
my satisfaction will remain unstopped.

It Almost Seems

The view from above the hilltop was gorgeous. Rolling hills dotted with fields, farmland, and forests spread out for miles, touching the base of a mountain range far, far, away. A light breeze lifted the smell of nature around the surrounding countryside. The vivid blue sky was completely empty of clouds.

It almost seemed as if this valley had hadn’t been touched by the hand of man yet. Although how could a place of such beauty be left untampered?

“It looks so peaceful here.” She said. “It’s almost as if this place is able to hide away from all the chaos.”

“No place can do that.” He said, taking a glance behind him. “This place just gives us the allusion that it’ll all be alright.”

“I think it will be.” She said. “Maybe not in our lifetime, but it will be.”

“I’d like to think that too.” He said. “I really do.”