The Gallery

An interesting idea I really like.

Sally Dog

I shot this series in 2013.  I have recently become an exhibiting member of the Pomona Valley Art Association.  The grand opening of the associations new space for the Gallery SoHO is this Saturday, February 28.  I guess I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

See more photos at and follow us on Facebook at

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About the Other Side

So a quick update about the state of the tumblr side of Port Foilo for those who only follow on WordPress, since tumblr is very much a micro blogging platform, there is a lot more content being reblogged, but also a lot tumblr exclusive original content. Photos, quotes, poems, and the like. Just a quick little PSA for you guys.

Toilet Paper: An American Love Story

An excellent short and comical piece of history.

Classically Educated

Well, we DID say it would be eclectic…  you can’t accuse us of not having warned you!–Ed.*

Upon visiting the US, a foreign visitor is immediately struck by how all things that can make life more comfortable or pleasant are immediately available, from glazed donuts to those pillows you need so that your head doesn’t flop around when trying to sleep on airplane seats.

It is quite clear that Americans enjoy being comfortable – decadently so, if possible.

The visitor will note this and nod in approval.  It is a good thing to have one’s creature comforts looked after.  In fact, it would be good to take it back to his own country.  He takes notes.  He understands why America is an important world power, and why immigrants, both legal and of the humid dorsal variety flock to it’s shores.  He understands all this while purchasing an electric griddle.

Sadly, as soon…

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The Montebello Incident

Whether this be real or fake, this is one of the most interesting drunk stories I’ve ever read.

Fish Of Gold

I’ve done some pretty stupid things in my life; some things I regret and some things that were just plain idiotic. I’m not proud of them, but they all happened. They keep me up at night, cringing, alone in the dark. Some decisions, once made, cannot be unmade and we have to learn to live with the consequences. Most of the time, they don’t leave any permanent damage and give us some pretty good stories, but only in hindsight. One such story of mine has come to be known as The Montebello Incident.

It all started at a friend’s party. It was a pretty good party with lots of people in a celebratory mood. So, when a pickup truck drove by, asking if we wanted to go to a party in the middle of nowhere, thereby leaving the nice, safe comfort of my friend’s abode, well, it made my positive…

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Danger, Will Robinson!!!

You’d think common sense was common place.

My Dog Ate a Lightbulb


If you, like me, are a compulsive reader, I’ll assume that you have at some point read anything just for the sake of reading. Right?

When I was in elementary school, I would read the cereal box while I ate breakfast. I’d read the local newspaper, and even developed a preference for the classified ads, especially the personal ads: “To the gentleman who helped me with the flat tire last Friday night at Stoney’s Bowling Alley, I’d like to thank you properly. Please respond, Box 483…”

Whoa! Think of the story possibilities in that little ad.

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