Untitled (Traveling On A Road)

Although they had been there since before memory,
the discarded products of human invention
and ingenuity
still stood out against the golden backdrop
of the eternally sprawling fields.

To the flora and fauna, however,
they had become seamless with nature
and now occupied a role all their own within the habitat –
if you could even call the endless landscape
that I have been traveling through
a habitat.

The colorless mountains always stood at a distance,
like the elusive end of a hallway
in a mirror maze.
Those had always been my destination,
but with every waking second of travel
it seemed that my final steps
would be beside a disfigured wheel
or grotesque hull of a vehicle.


On Taking Things For Granted

Truth be told I do now know
If I really wish to bestow
a gift upon the generation below.

In all our troubles we aim to find a way.
A new direction in a path we lay.
But we battle, embittered by our hindrances galore,
our own children’s future we try to secure.

But by the end of the road when we are hardened by time,
would we be the same person if we had not made the climb?
To land right there at the end of the road,
to take it for granted, to get there alone?

A darker shade of life they must behold,
in order to humble the generation below.

Nightime Road

On the nightime road
Time passes me slow
But I’m living it fast
My mind is in the past
The radio’s on
It barely snuffs the pain
At this point
Its just background noise
Against my dying thoughts
As the glass of my mind shatters
And the headlights of my eyes go out