When I turned the telescope upward
the day fell away from me
and I was left with the night.
But just the black expanse –
no stars: were gone.
I was left with the ugliness.
I only saw that imperfectness.
I only believed in that imperfection.
No one ever moved my hand
just a little to the side
so I could see that shining light
That each of them had seen.
I looked down and away
and saw so many others with telescopes
pointed in all the wrong directions.
I saw them give up –
drop their hands,
drop their heads.
Just as I had done
because I hadn’t shifted just a little bit
to see how brightly I had shone.


Live Here

If I could live here forever,
just me and my status quo,
I’d look at the people walk
among the restless earth
from way up high
on my personal palace.

I’d look at the stars
(or the lack there of)
and at the expansive black void
where we are meant to go.

But I can’t stay here long,
so I watch the changing scape,
I watch towers rise and fall
and wait for my turn to leave.

​Sky Lights

The flicker in the blinds isn’t getting any smaller
The sky lights are looking dreary
Reflecting what I am in the mirror of blue

The man at the door isn’t walking away
Asphalt streets are happier than me
Because at least they have people to tread on them

My hair isn’t putting itself back in my head
The watch on my wrist isn’t getting any slower
Fortunately for it, it won’t be stopping any time soon

The sky lights are still dreary
But at least they’ll be shining for someone other than me