Learn To Love What I Have

How am I supposed
to learn to love what does not
last, when everything
I enjoy is moving so
fast? I don’t want to let go.



I found the drip bringing me on a rhythmic trip.
The splash against the pans
and the filling of the pots,
the drops just didn’t seem to stop.
So I made a song, a simple song, right there in my head,
while I laid about, right there in my bed.
This day had no color, and also no end, it seemed.
This day had gone on forever,
I had been laying down for a millennia, you see.
Each plink from liquid to metal
signaled another year in time’s endless pedal.
Each minute was nothing,
something to be forgotten.
I only wanted to stay in this position,
and never really be begotten.
I wish I could have said
that I could have gotten up at any old second,
but something had compelled me
to stay bedridden in this moment.
And so I sung in my own mind
the words to a song to pass along the time.
The plink, the pour of a leaky faucet occurred,
over and over until it was just a blur.


3:48, is no one else awake but me?
Not the ones I don’t care about, not the ones I don’t need.
I’d like to think the ones I love are thinking of me.
Awake but dreaming of what we already could be.

I seem to be doing this this time of day, day after day.
Thinking of you, thinking of you thinking of me,
or at least I hope you’d be.
Nights all seem as one, continuing infinitely, eternally, endlessly…

8:03 and I know that time has passed.
Days seem to move past, leaving me behind.
I’m still wondering what you are doing,
if we are at the same place we once were.

It seems that I forgot the date.
I used to check it to see when we’d meet again.
But I’m content with thinking about our current state,
than meet up for an update.

11:57, I’m in heaven.
Darkness is still outside my window,
but I guess that’s just a way from keeping
from keeping change away.

We can stay in once place
at least until I ready to move.
For now we aren’t stuck in a limbo
just in a place where I’m safe.

On Taking Things For Granted

Truth be told I do now know
If I really wish to bestow
a gift upon the generation below.

In all our troubles we aim to find a way.
A new direction in a path we lay.
But we battle, embittered by our hindrances galore,
our own children’s future we try to secure.

But by the end of the road when we are hardened by time,
would we be the same person if we had not made the climb?
To land right there at the end of the road,
to take it for granted, to get there alone?

A darker shade of life they must behold,
in order to humble the generation below.

Closing Time

It’s closing time
for my sonder thoughts.
I wish I could say
it was a good run,
but nothing has changed
except the view out my window.

Here and now,
I must stop attempting –
trying to escape myself
in the fog of new surroundings.

It will all end soon:
the final bedroom.
No more clean sheets,
running clocks, bright bulbs.
Only the unforeseen
senses my coming.

I Stepped Outside

I step outside the house for the first time since arriving.


It’s just past ten, and the warm, damp, metallic ait contrasts against the controlled weather of the inside.


The difference shocks me, but it’s new, and feels right against my face.


I stumble and cross legs over square stepping stone path over to the driveway, where I immediately slouch against the car.


I lean there for a moment, staring at the abnormally bright moon, wondering why in the heavens would it do such a thing.


Was tonight special?


Was it because I had finally left the house, and felt the untouched air?


It was a moment for me, at least.


It was the moment I let go of my chronic laziness, chronically lulling me into a monotonous apathy, whose fleeting tendrils still linger on my soul.


I would do anything to be at that minute again, that exact time when I felt I could be more than I was, even though I thought I was enough.


But now, here I am, reflecting upon this sudden time as if it was something special, when I could have done it  whenever it was needed, but for some reason I did it at that moment, and that reason was nothing.


Nothing in the universe could have explained why I did it at that time, that warm, musty evening, in the suburbia of the city, besides the fact that I did, I did do it.

And thats all that matters.

When Is This?

there is a time when I feel that only some people get it

only some people care,

only some people mull around while the others watch it happen,

or they know it happens and they dont watch and they dont care,

and this happening isnt really noticed, even by the people doing it,

but it is necessary, and when the people that are supposed to do it dont do it, they get all freaked and hassled and it becomes a mess as their lives are moment tarily ruined by missing the happening.

but trust me, this happening is importent, it’s needed. appreciate it.


A blind grandfather clock
It ticks
It turns
It’s not conscious of what it’s doing
Sort of like a human
We do things
Turning back and forth
Back and forth
Just goin with the flow
We don’t care
Like a grandfather clock
It just sits there

You hear it once in a while
But then it fades back to ticking
It waves it’s hands
Trying to get one’s attention
Maybe someone will notice it
That poor old thing

On the outside
It is wooden
Hard in its beliefs
On the inside
It is changing
Ever changing

Ever ticking
Ever tocking
But when will the grandfather
Be stopping?

Existence Time

A love once had is one too bad, maybe look for something more, something deep inside your mind that you never would have pulled.

Let redemption come it’s way, it’s never ever too far away, you can always count on fate to change.

If you try to find the best in life, you’ll away come up blind inside, it was never your way anyway.

Don’t rely on other’s time, it really makes you rage outside, just focus on the little things everyday.

Let redemption come it’s way, it’s never ever too far away, you can always count on fate to change.

It’s just a life, so please don’t pry, it’ll come out if it’s found a sign, pushing would mean it’s bound to die.

Oh people please, it’s time to hide, if it gets a hold say bye, because you’re out of time.

Let redemption come it’s way, it’s never ever too far away, you can always count on fate to change.