I had met someone long ago
who now has little presence in my life.
But, it is safe to say
that I still remember them every day.
I think I had been with them
where I am sitting now:
Against this bark…
In this light…
No, I didn’t love them.
Yes, I do thank them.
Every day I thank them.
Maybe perhaps it was not what they told me
that had affected me
But rather who they were
that had affected me.
I didn’t see myself in them.
I only saw that I could be like them.
Assured, is what I wanted to be.
Assured, is what I wanted to look like.
Assured, is what I wanted to feel like.
I think I know why I still come back
to sit in that grass.
Against the bark.
In the light.
Perhaps the context
of the wet plants
and wistful air
could help me remember them a little more.
I think I still need them a little more.
I need to be assured a little more.



The trees above me overlap like the lives of the people we meet

The gaps between the leaves leave shapes only seen through a single perspective

We can only see the ideals we see through the people we meet, but we must change

I take off my glasses to see the leaves to see the leaves with my raw sight, and suddenly I can see more than I did before.

As the branches blur I see a shape only I can see, without any other’s filter

I can suddenly see my own ideals and creations, influenced by me and me alone

I am now me